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4-Steps for Safer Senior Travel

Bus travel lets seniors enjoy their golden years to the fullest. However, even short senior travel trips can present challenges that threaten fragile health, open the door to potentially dangerous situations, and compromise the fun for everyone in the group. These 4 steps will help you keep every member of your senior travel group safe …

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Picking the Right Type of Bus for Your Next Group Travel Trip

Your group is ready to travel: You’ve got the dates, the destination, the participants—and now it’s time to choose a vehicle. When planning a group travel trip, sometimes what may seem like the easiest decision ends up being the most difficult. You never knew there were so many options! Like any aspect of your trip, …

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What Makes Bus Travel the Perfect Fit for Your Next Group Trip?

Group bus travel makes exploring the world more fun and affordable for everyone. Hiring a charter bus is one of the best options for groups. What makes bus travel the perfect way for your group to get around during the next trip? Save Money Carpooling is a popular way to reach venues and leisure spots. …

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visit colorado

Traveling Colorado by Bus: Plan an Adventure Group Trip

When you visit Colorado State it’s a wonderland of forests, mountains, monuments, and waterways. People who love the outdoors can enjoy a variety of fun and family-oriented activities year-round. The next time you visit Colorado, use these strategies to get the most out of your adventure group trip. Charter a Bus You’re planning a day …

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Large groups travel

Logistics: Organizing a Large Group Travel Trip

Organizing a large group travel trip can be a cumbersome process. How can a volunteer organizer keep track of all the details it takes to successfully execute a group travel plan? Here are some tips to help you handle the logistics of organizing a trip for your large group. Set Clear Limitations Don’t drive yourself …

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Amenities That Make Group Travel More Fun

What’s more fun than a day trip to an amusement park, museum, or concert? Sharing that experience with a large group of friends and family! When embarking on a group travel adventure, these amenities will help you get the most out of your trip. On Your Bus Renting a charter bus for your trip allows …

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use busrates.com to find Arizona attractions

6 Must-See Arizona Attractions for Your Next Group Trip

It’s no secret that the Grand Canyon is Arizona’s greatest tourist attraction. According to the United States National Park Service, 6,254,238 visitors explored the Grand Canyon in 2017. While this geological wonder is rightfully the most popular tourist destination in the state, Arizona is home to many other fascinating and fun places to explore as …

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5 Georgia Attractions to Visit During Your Next Group Trip

If your church, school, or social group is planning a trip through the southern part of the United States, be sure to add these 5 Georgia attractions to your must-see list. These Georgia tourist destinations all lay near Interstate 75. A major highway that runs from the Great Lakes region all the way to the …

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Be aware of alcohol on charter buses laws

Alcohol on Charter Buses

Renting a charter bus for your day trip lets you have more fun with your group. You’ll be able to spend your travel time socializing instead of driving in separate vehicles. Having alcohol on charter buses is a perennial question because charter buses offer greater flexibility and control of seating options than public transportation. So, …

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4 Ways to Make Planning an Itinerary Easier

A well-planned itinerary ensures that you get the most out of your next group getaway. However, making an itinerary can be challenging. Here are four tips you can use to make your trip planning sessions simpler. Gather Your Paperwork Start your planning process by gathering some vital information. This will give you everything you need when it’s …

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