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Sitting in the lap of luxury

Did you know that charter buses are equipped with the modern amenities you crave while traveling? Many people don’t know that many motorcoaches have luxurious amenities that will take your trip from okay to amazing. There are several conveniences you’ll like when you hop on a coach, but here are the top five amenities modern …

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family reunion travel

Large Family Group Travel Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

Traveling with family is always a uniquely fulfilling experience. Spending time with your special loved ones on-the-road offers the chance to bond with scattered relatives, catch up on all the latest life news, and strengthen relationships that may be stressed by time and distance.  However, negotiating large family group travel trips aren’t easy. That’s especially …

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San Francisco Big Bus Tour Passengers Big Bus Tours

10 Tips For Traveling With Friends

How long has it been since you’ve had the time to just relax and bond with your best friends? Group travel makes it possible to explore and experience the world with your favorite people. However, traveling with a group of friends isn’t always stress-free. Use these group travel tips to make your next friends’ expedition …

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Bus night Travel

Overnight Bus or Motorcoach Travel: 4 Tips for Safety, Survival, and Sleep

Bus travel lets your group see more, go farther, and bond longer for a smaller investment than other travel methods. Renting a charter bus also gives you more control over your itinerary. However, group bus travel also comes with a unique set of challenges that can compromise the safety and comfort of your members. Use …

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Traveling with the cub scouts

Travel Safety Checklist for Cub Scouts

Cub Scouts offer a variety of exceptional, real-world experiences for youngsters and their families. When these experiences require travel, chaperones can sometimes struggle to keep their group of excited little ones safe and accounted for. Use these tips on your next Cub Scout travel trip to ensure the safety and comfort of the entire group. …

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field trip on a charter bus

Tips For Motion Sickness During Bus Travel

Motion sickness is a tough rival for those who love to travel. The dizziness and queasy-sick stomach feeling is enough to ruin your entire travel time. This common ailment is caused by the body’s inability to process rapidly received stimuli. For some people, rapid movement, like when you’re in a vehicle moving at high speeds, …

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Tour bus

How To Come Up With Ideas For Group Travel Experience

Having trouble thinking up new destinations for your group travel experience? Use these tips to find the best place for your next group travel experience. Think About the Weather A vacation or group travel experience is meant to be fun and comfortable. You can’t do that if the weather makes you miserable the entire time. …

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road birds tour bus

How To Plan a Music Festival Get-away for Your Friends

Every year, a multitude of bands, vendors, and music lovers come together to listen, experience, and bond over the tunes that form the soundtrack to our lives. If you’re looking to experience a music festival with your friends, use these tips to get the most out of your musical adventure. Find the Right Festival With …

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Historical bus trip

How To Plan A Historical Trip For Group Travel Excursions

Are you looking for a unique group travel excursion that offers more than the usual distractions? A trip to a historically significant destination is a great way for families, school groups, and friends to get away for some relaxation with a side of education. These tips help planners create an itinerary that keeps everyone engaged, …

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miller valley bus trip

4 Tips To Organizing a Custom Group Trip Brews Cruise

Do you love beer and travel? A Brews Cruise is the best way to combine those passions! You and a group of adult friends can spend several days exploring craft breweries and enjoying a variety of attractions along the way. Each tour includes a driver-operated coach, so your group can fully enjoy the experience. Use …

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