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Group Trips

5 Amazing Group Travel Trip for Spring Break

Spring break is the perfect time for group travel trip fun! Whether you’re looking for a wild weekend with girls or embarking on an adventure with your extended family, there are many options for excitement as the ice thaws. Grab some of your friends for some group travel trip fun to your sites. All of …

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Group Travel Planner

Tips for Group Travel Planners and How to Plan, Lead and Still Have Fun

Planning, coordinating, and executing a group trip takes a lot of energy from the group travel planner. The group travel planner sacrifices their time and resources to ensure everyone else has the best possible experience. However, this can often leave the organizers themselves too worn out, frazzled, or distracted to enjoy the trip themselves. These …

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tahoe ski trips

How To Plan a Group Ski Excursion in Colorado

Colorado is the perfect destination for those who love mountain sports. Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway for a group of married couples or need an active vacation option for youngsters, a group ski excursion to Colorado offers challenging slopes, interesting attractions, and world-class dining options. Use these tips to make sure your group gets …

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whistler shuttle

3 Must-See Destinations For Your Next Winter Break Bus Trip

Winter snow and ice adds a special quality to surroundings. It evokes mystery, romance, and encourages simple comforts, like a warm drink or bowl of soup. Take advantage of breaks in your academic routine to see the beauty of nature from a new viewpoint, especially with a bus trip where you don’t have to handle the elements yourself. …

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A perfect 6 step itinerary

6 Tips for Creating a Winning Itinerary for Your Next Group Trip

Whether you’re chaperoning a group of high school seniors on an overnight field trip or gathering with extended family for a winter vacation, your itinerary is the key to a successful event. Use these tips to ensure everyone enjoys your next group trip. Give Your Group a Uniform Look Encourage group members to wear similar …

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Weissensee Tourism Winter trip

Winter Vacation Tips for Group Travel

Winter is a great time for group travel, with it come the cold weather which keeps adventurers close to home, vacation destinations are willing to offer a steep discount to those willing to brave less-than-perfect weather conditions. So, you don’t have to ski or snowboard to have a fabulous winter vacation. Similarly you don’t have …

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Girls Night

Planning a Girls Weekend Out by Bus Charter

Whether your group goal is complete relaxation or wild adventures, a charter bus gives you more ways to enjoy your weekend away with the girls. Use these tips in your group travel planning sessions to get the most out of your charter bus. Invest in Extra Amenities For trips that require a lot of drive …

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San Francisco Attractions

5 Must-See San Francisco Attractions Your Group Will not Want to Miss

San Francisco’s fascinating history, diverse culture, and natural splendor make it a popular destination for travelers from all over the world. With so much to do and see, it can be difficult to make a travel plan that covers everything. Here are 5 San Francisco attractions you should add to your next group travel itinerary. …

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carbon Footprint

How Bus Travel for Group Trips Reduce Carbon Footprint

Just like you take care of your family’s home, it makes sense to care for the home we share with all life. Take your green living habits with you on your next group bus travel trip. Whether you’re escorting teens to a soccer game or attending a family reunion, bus travel is an ecologically-friendly mode …

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Florida Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

The 7 Top Beaches in Florida – and Why

Florida’s coastline is filled with beautiful beaches. Many of these beaches have special features or amenities that make them ideal for certain visitors. Here are seven of the best beaches in Florida and all they have to offer and the reasons why you should add them to the itinerary for your next group excursion. South …

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