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5 Tips for Creating a Great Travel Groups Itinerary Plan

Travel groups for adults are an awesome way to see the world, as long as the trips planned correctly. The travel itinerary can make or break a trip no matter where you’re going. For instance, for travel groups food is important, how long between meals can make a break a trip. So, there is a …

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Press Release: BusRates.com Announces Site Upgrades

ALEXANDRIA, VA   (May 1, 2018)  Busrates just put group travel planning in the fast lane with speed and site upgrades to the website and a top-to-bottom redesign that produces mobile-friendly and straightforward search results. The site upgrades for this online platform will allow it to continue to be the leader in matching group travel planners …

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Planning a Bus Trip Through British Columbia

British Columbia has a lot to offer. From beautiful landscapes to fun sightseeing in downtown Vancouver, there is something to do for everyone in organized travel groups to enjoy. Planning a trip can leave you stressed trying to find the perfect activities to fill your time. Your trip can be a short one or a …

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4 Things to Remember for Your Next Group Travel Vacation

Group travel vacations can be an amazing experience. Your group will experience new things and make memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you’re going far or staying close to home, travel in groups can be the perfect vacation. A lot thought and time goes into travel in groups so that everyone will have fun. …

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How To Find the Perfect Group Vehicle for your Needs

How many times have you thought “I need a vehicle for my group but what’s the perfect group vehicle?” That’s a good question and one that we get all the time. So here is a compendium of notes on all of the different kinds of vehicles you can expect form the 100’s of vendors here …

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4 Ways to Make Planning a Group Getaway Itinerary Easier

A well-planned group getaway itinerary ensures that you get the most out of your trip. However, making that group getaway itinerary can be challenging. Here are four tips you can use to make your trip planning sessions simpler.  1. Gather Your Paperwork Start your group getaway planning process by gathering some vital information. This will …

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An Easy Travel Checklist for Group Trips for Children

Traveling with a group of children can be challenging. Each child has their own unique needs whether that is medicine they take or a food allergy. It can be tough to remember every little thing about each child when your group is pretty large, so, keeping a travel checklist for kids can be extremely beneficial …

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The Best Group Travel Tips

We’ve taken the opportunity to talk with the experts in the field and they all gave us their best ideas about what to look for and what to look out for when you travel as a group.

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Group Travel Destinations for Boy Scouts and Scout Groups

Group Travel Destinations for Boy Scout Trips and Other Scouting Programs

Setting up boy scout trips is easy with the right tools and BusRates can be that tool for you, from picking the right destination to the right vehicle our site can make sure you get the best price to review at your committee meetings.

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Quick Guide to Planning a Youth Team Trip

A Quick Guide to Planning a Youth Team Trip

It seems that everyone is either on a school, intramural, or social sports team, that usually mean that you’ll be going on a team trip somewhere, let us give you a few tips on who to handle everything you’ll need

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