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Senior Group Travel

Planning a Senior Group Travel Trip Through California

California is full of activities for seniors to enjoy. From winery tours in Napa Valley to beach walks in Malibu, there is something perfect for every senior travel group to enjoy. California offers a lot of new things for seniors to learn and explore. Senior group travel to California is a great way for the …

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3 simple steps to planning a great team trip

Organizing Your Next Group Team Trip: 3 Key Considerations

Group team trips take a lot of time to plan. The planners can stress and become overwhelmed if they do not stay organized. Planning ahead, keeping lists, and having a proper budget and sticking to it will keep the process of preparing for a trip smooth. Here are 3 key considerations for organizing your next …

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A Group Travel Planner Cheat Sheet

Ok, get over it, it happened. You’ve just been selected by the team, troop, group… insert whatever… and you’re now the group travel planner for the next trip, woohoo! So now what? Let me tell you what, you’ve come to the right place and the right page to get more info and a crash course …

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field trip on a bus

Great Bus Travel Tours Ideas for College Students

Summer and spring breaks means relaxing, travel tours, and fun for college students. It’s a great opportunity to grab a group of friends and go on vacation. Travel tours for college students are well deserved after cramming for classes all semester. Whether you want to visit a city or go hiking, there is a perfect …

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5 Tips for Creating a Great Travel Groups Itinerary Plan

Travel groups for adults are an awesome way to see the world, as long as the trips planned correctly. The travel itinerary can make or break a trip no matter where you’re going. For instance, for travel groups food is important, how long between meals can make a break a trip. So, there is a …

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Press Release: BusRates.com Announces Site Upgrades

ALEXANDRIA, VA   (May 1, 2018)  Busrates just put group travel planning in the fast lane with speed and site upgrades to the website and a top-to-bottom redesign that produces mobile-friendly and straightforward search results. The site upgrades for this online platform will allow it to continue to be the leader in matching group travel planners …

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british columbia

Planning a Bus Trip Through British Columbia

British Columbia has a lot to offer. From beautiful landscapes to fun sightseeing in downtown Vancouver, there is something to do for everyone in organized travel groups to enjoy. Planning a trip can leave you stressed trying to find the perfect activities to fill your time. Your trip can be a short one or a …

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field trip on a charter bus

4 Things to Remember for Your Next Group Travel Vacation

Group travel vacations can be an amazing experience. Your group will experience new things and make memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you’re going far or staying close to home, travel in groups can be the perfect vacation. A lot thought and time goes into travel in groups so that everyone will have fun. …

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How To Find the Perfect Group Vehicle for your Needs

How many times have you thought “I need a vehicle for my group but what’s the perfect group vehicle?” That’s a good question and one that we get all the time. So here is a compendium of notes on all of the different kinds of vehicles you can expect form the 100’s of vendors here …

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packing check list

4 Ways to Make Planning a Group Getaway Itinerary Easier

A well-planned group getaway itinerary ensures that you get the most out of your trip. However, making that group getaway itinerary can be challenging. Here are four tips you can use to make your trip planning sessions simpler.  1. Gather Your Paperwork Start your group getaway planning process by gathering some vital information. This will …

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